Monday, July 16, 2007


LT and The Don have done so much work on our property it is amazing. We signed the paperwork with the bank about two weeks ago. We now have nine months to build a house. It was terribly scary. For the last six years I have been unconcerned about keeping a job, but now I really need to have a very steady income. To tell the truth, it really freaks me out.

Here is Kiko standing on our foundation.

Pictures: Stem Walls for the foundation - the access to under the house will be from inside so raccoons can not get in.
LT & The Don working on the in-floor heating system - check out the port-o-potty.
Pex pipes for in-floor heating - we will be warm all winter.

There have been a few challenges already. LT and the builder (our "friend") had some disagreements. LT, The Don (my dad), Goober Jeff (LT's friend), Adam (our son), and I will now be doing the framing. The builder did not put the correct price for building supplies in the bid and now we do not have the money for labor. Also, we thought we could put in a well, but the water is bad. We will have to hook up to city water. That is going to be expensive.

Good things are happening too. We have a port-o-potty. I saw six hawks at the property. Our dirt is beautiful and will be wonderful for a garden. We got a check in the mail for overpaying on a property payment. I got a credit card to use for house stuff that gets frequent flyer miles so we can go to Hawaii when this is all over.


crashcourse said...

Yay! Fancy house-ness and fancy blog-ness. Whee!

K Schimmy said...

Woo hoo, bloggorrhea! Cool pictures of the hizzy, I will have to go check out your stem walls in person.

Secret Squirrel said...

Thanks! Both the blog and house need a lot of work. The stem walls have a platform now! Framing starts tomorrow.