Sunday, October 14, 2007

Window Trim

I have a ton of homework and needed to work at the camp today, but I am actually really glad I blew everything off to go work on the house. It was a nice morning, but the fog blew in after lunch. Spending time out on the property really made me want to be out there more.

Almost all of the windows are installed. The wrong size was ordered for the bonus room so that space is still open, but the rest of the house is getting sealed up. I pained trim today, I put final coats on the east and north upper windows. I also painted the trim that hasn't been installed yet.
I like my front door. I picked it out at DK Windows in Warrenton. We need to pick out door handles next.

Here is the east side of the house. The french doors need to be painted and they need hardware.South Side, yo! Here are boys working on the south side of the house. The slider will open onto a balcony outside the master bedroom. I can not believe how fancy my house is!

The west view. The side door to the garage and bonus room window are not in yet, but you can see the main structure of the house. I can't wait to start getting the siding up. The garage floor is still sand. Hopefully soon we will have time to prep and level it so they can pour the slab.

I really like the sky lights in the covered porch. They look cool and they will add so much natural light to the downstairs.
Tomorrow, Len is going to be working on getting power and water. We maybe ready to start plumbing and pulling wires soon. It is very exciting.

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crashcourse said...

I'm sooo jealous of your nice windows. Mine are crap. They keep having plastic parts fall off and/or peel off. pretty, pretty, working windows.