Thursday, February 7, 2008

My Day

Well, today was the day.

Len borrowed my car for a trip to P-town today. Last night I checked to be sure I had everything out of it that I needed. I grabbed my running shoes and a sweatshirt. Feeling all prepared I went to bed early to get a good nights sleep.

This morning, I woke up late. Jumped in the truck and pulled up to the school just before first period (I am usually there an hour before the bell rings). I reached into the console to grab my work keys and realize I was not driving my car. My keys were not with me, they were in Portland. Feeling rather panicked I ran into the building. The Vice-Principal was kind enough to open my office for me; however, the main problem was now my locked file cabinet where I keep EVERYTHING. First I completely tore my desk apart looking for an extra key. I next when to the wonderful office ladies who helped me search through all of the master keys, but to no avail. I finally when to each classroom and borrowed keys from anyone who had the same brand of file cabinet as me. In desperation I asked a Para to help me pick the lock. I even had a student help me tip the cabinet up and try to find a way to reach up into it to pop the lock. None of these efforts were fruitful.

Why, you might ask, was I so desperate to actually do work today when I usually just chill on days when things aren't going well? I'll tell you. My sixth period group was being observed by my big boss coming down from the ESD in Vancouver today. Yikes! All of my group materials were in that apparently extremely secure file cabinet.

So, I had to wing group. My boss was very gracious saying "things happen", but it was so embarrassing to explain to the group why I couldn't have their booklets that they were working on.

After that the little things just piled up. I had to borrow keys for the weight room. I forgot to pick up a permit from the county that I told Len I would take care of. I smashed my pinky between two dumb bells, and when Len came to switch cars with me I left my purse in his truck, so I couldn't go to the store and had to drive home illegally.

I would say TGIF for tomorrow, but sense I didn't get anything done today I have a huge work load and really need another day this week to get it done.

Oh well. I am chaperoning a middle school dance tomorrow and plan to wear a bright pink flamingo shirt. That will be fun at least.

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K Schimmy said...

FLAMINGOS!!! See you at the dance.