Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm in love

We made another Ikea run on Sunday. This time we got file drawers, a book case, and a desk for the office. We wanted to get more, but could not fit anything else in mom's rig. We nearly had to leave Adam on a street corner.
I am in love with my floors. I don't think it is a crush, I think it is true lasting love. They are so pretty and shiny, but they are taking a long time to be installed. The bamboo is done upstairs. We are putting tile in the guest bath and by the shower in the master bath. Mad Matt and The Don were starting on the stair trim today. After that I guess they will install the downstairs floors.

The closet doors are in both Adam's room and the guest room. Except for touching up the trim and painting the doors, Adam's room is done. He picked out a bed frame he liked at Ikea, but we didn't have room for it. We'll get it on the next trip.


Anonymous said...

Your new home looks yummy, luscious, and comfortable! Great job all of you!
Mrs. T

Anonymous said...

I love all the pictures - it has been great fun to watch the progress you are making!! Keep them coming! Lindsay