Sunday, August 23, 2009

The End of Summer Days

August has been a pretty nice month.
Things I have enjoyed:
-Mike and Sara visiting
-Barbecuing with family, Schimmys, Kiko, etc.
-Running with Heidi (even though she has to slow for me)
-Wogging with Len (walk/jogging)
-Berry picking
-Playing with Beasties (Livvy lets me read to her)
-Not working
Owen and Mom racing on the old Nintendo power pad that Mike got out.
Heidi and me enjoying the sun by the creek at Bill and Sheila's baby shower.

1 comment:

K Schimmy said...

It has been a good summer. I'll see you tomorrow morning. (imagine me with bottom lip protruding)

I tried to go work in my room today, but they still aren't done mudding around the windows, let alone cleaning up the sheetrock dust. *sigh*