Monday, August 16, 2010

Changing Rolls

Living with boys can be entertaining. Sometimes Len is the grown-up voice of reason, other times Adam takes that roll.

Len - "My heart is racing like crazy."
Adam - "How much caffeine did you have today?"
L - "I think I should go to the hospital"
A - "Why don't you just stop drinking caffeine?"

Verdict - The doctor said "stop drinking so much caffeine"

Adam - "Shit, that is a bear!"
Len - "Yup"
A - "Dude, that is a grizzly"
L - "Yup"
A - "What do we do?"
L - "Wait"

Verdict - The bear looked at us and then lumbered away.


clumsygirl said...

Bwa, ha, ha. That is damn funny.

K Schimmy said...

HILARIOUS. What do you do when you see a bear? Just wait.

Secret Squirrel said...

Waiting did seem to work.