Wednesday, November 14, 2007

No. No. Bad Storm. Stop that.

Wow! We finally had the big wind storm the news had been talking about. It blew like crazy on Sunday night or Monday morning. We lost power about 5 AM. Up here in the OP we didn't get it back until Tuesday about 10 in the morning. It wasn't too bad. Last year we were out for four days. The huge gusts were not good for our house. The bottom of our french doors blew in and broke the dead blot. The damage was a little crazy. The door is completely ruined.


K Schimmy said...

Dammit!!! I'm sorry to hear about your door. I heard some news station calling the storm a cat. 1 hurricane because of the winds and how they acted... I'm not sure that's right, but at least it makes it sound cooler if you say a hurricane ruined the door.

crashcourse said...

oohh... hurricane. I'm sorry your brand-spankin-new door is ruined. That's sucktacular. It should at least wait to be ruined until you live there. Not fair.

when do I see you again?

LIONO said...

I drove by your house the other day and it looks delicious!
Sorry about the cat.storm.hurricane damage.