Saturday, November 24, 2007

Cold Weather Progress

We have rain gutters and a ditch. Woo hoo! The ditch has a big power line in it. Hopefully we will pass inspection and have juice soon. It would save a lot of money on the gas for the generator we have been using to run tools. The siding is nearly up. There is so much to do. It is a little overwhelming. I want to start inside work ASAP. We will be planning a big trip to IKEA for design help soon. One set back this weekend was that we ran out of phone cable. Hopefully Mr. ShinyBeerDragon will be able to rescue us soon.
Stacey e Paco visited this weekend, but I forgot to get pictures. Paco finished his doctorate and Stacey is done with her Masters. I am very jelous. Six and a half more months for me. It feels like an eternity!

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