Sunday, December 16, 2007

Back to work

Len and the boys have been working hard and the house is looking good. The siding is repaired from the storm, but we still need to replace the skylight, french door, and gutter.

I am trying to design the kitchen. If anyone has any ideas of things that work well and things that don't, please let me know. I plan to get the cabinets from Ikea and the counter top from Home Depot.

Also, I'd like to get going on designing the office soon. Any ideas there would be appreciated as well. Again, I found a lot of great stuff at Ikea. It is just a matter of laying it all out and choosing color. It is fun, but a bit overwhelming.

Len and The Don installed the frame for a pocket door for the powder room. The room was a little too big so we are taking some of the space and adding it to a coat closet under the stairs.

We finally got the window installed in the bonus room. All windows are now in. We just need a garage door, to replace the french door, and to finish the last bit of siding and we will be sealed to the weather.

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crashcourse said...

When I'm thinking about interior design stuff, I like to go to a bookstore and pull a billion books off the shelves and take notes w/ a nice cup of coffee. It's fun. If you have some spare time, next time you're up here we could do that after school on saturday.