Wednesday, December 5, 2007

No Beer and No TV make Homer Something Something

We are living in the dark, but we have the Internet again so all is well.

Here is the big tree that fell and missed Len's truck with the generator in it by about two feet. There was another smaller tree that I watched from my bedroom window fall and miss the northwest corner of our house by about six inches. Yikes!

It started on Sunday. We lost power from about 11 to 4, then it came back on for a couple of hours. The wind picked up again it went out that evening and hasn't come back yet. The worst of the storm was on Sunday night and Monday morning. It felt like it just kept going and going. We lost about eight trees at the place we are living. Three of them on the power line from the road to the house. Most of the Peninsula in up and running again, but not our little pocket. We had a line lying across our driveway until this evening. I think we are looking at a week or more without power. That's okay. We have a generator and now we have Internet! Being able to call long distance also just came back.

At the new house, we lost siding, the french doors, and a skylight in the covered porch. The french door was completely blown out of the frame. Half of it was inside the house the other half was lying outside. Oddly, despite the frame and door knob being in pieces, the glass didn't break. The skylight was broken by the siding flying off the east wall. I have not been able to call the insurance company yet, but am hopeful that they will be helpful. Also, one of the new gutters got smashed.

This is the power pole across the street from our house. You can't see the tangle of snapped lines next to it, but they are there.

So far this storm has been a strange and surreal experience. We will see how cranky I get with limited power for an extended period of time. Tomorrow we go back to school!

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thetravellor said...

Glad to hear you survived! Sorry about the damage to the new house. Hope your insurance is nice to you.