Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lots to Share

A sleepy little baby and her WILD batman brother came out to visit on Saturday. Olivia is doing very well. Heidi doesn't take her out in public and only family come over to the house, but in a couple of weeks she should have a fully developed immune system. She is still cute as a bug.

The sheet rock material is in the house. The sheet rockers are coming on Monday to start hanging. I am so excited! It will look like a real house on the inside soon.
I made some marks on a two by four that will get covered with sheet rock. Maybe in 100 years when someone wants to remodel the house they will find this.

These are some colors that I like. The kitchen is going to be green. The dinning room with be "champagne". I think the great room will be chocolate with blue and red accents. The upstairs guest bathroom might be orange and navy. I may make the master bedroom a yellow/gold color. I think the master bathroom may have a lot of red.

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