Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thinking about color

Kiko and the fam stopped by and helped me measure some rooms today for paint. I hope to have a productive trip to P-town this weekend. I only have one paint color picked out. It is for the dinning room. I call it champagne, but it is just a yellow/gold color on a seat cushion Mom and I found at Ross.
I would like to get white ceiling paint and new door knobs on this trip. I also plan to look at trim. Lenny Poo says we need new door knobs. I really like the style of the ones we have, but he says they are cheap and crappy. Hopefully I can find the same style and color in a higher quality material.

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crashcourse said...

yay! color! i love color! I love paint! fun, fun, fun!!! Bring photos, pictures, ripped pieces out of magazines or whatever. That'll help!