Sunday, November 2, 2008

New Sidewalk

Len put in forms for this sidewalk and had the concrete poured. He has planted grass seed in the middle. I hope it starts growing before the terrible weather comes.

The district XC meet was this weekend. Our boys' team and top girl qualified for the state meet. So, next week I will be taking a rather large group of kids across the state to the Tri-Cities. Should be a good time.


crashcourse said...

Yay! Sidewalk! Yay! State!

K Schimmy said...

Just a warning... I heard some of your XC kids saying they are going to stay up all night on Thursday night. Man, I'm old, I'm telling on kids... but, they're stupid, so I don't mind.

The sidewalk looks fab... grow, grass, grow! You can do it!